Thursday, June 1, 2023

Semi-shaded lunar eclipse observed in Diyarbakır and Şırnak

In Diyarbakir and Sirnak, the first lunar eclipse of 2023, ‘Half shadow moon’, was displayed. While the semi-shaded lunar eclipse was seen in many parts of the city, students in Şırnak watched it with a telescope.

The first lunar eclipse of 2023 took place in the evening. While the ‘half-shadowed moon’ eclipse is expected to be effective between 18:45 and 22:32, its peak and clearest image was experienced at 20.22. While the lunar eclipse was seen from many points in the city center of Diyarbakır, secondary school students in Şırnak watched the event in the sky with a telescope. While the moon was integrating with the shadow from time to time, it returned to its clearest image within minutes.

‘We came to observe the lunar eclipse’ The first ‘half-shaded moon’ eclipse in Şırnak was viewed by the students of Kızılsu Martyr Hacı Dursun İmamhatip Secondary School. The staff of the R&D unit made the students watch the lunar eclipse with a telescope. Students watching the lunar eclipse with a telescope for the first time followed the sky with excitement. Science teacher Erdem Erinç Bakkal said that they came here today to observe the lunar eclipse with the students. Bakkal said, “We caught a good moment. We had promised our students before that we would make observations. We were here to keep our promise. We made a moon observation. Our students were very happy. We had the chance to observe the craters on the moon. This is the 25th village we visited. Our students are the first. They had the chance to observe the moon with a telescope for the first time. The reason we chose this day is because of the lunar eclipse. They were very happy, they said they liked it very much. In this sense, this made us very happy.”

Secondary school 7th grade student Belkıs Çançı said, “It was one of those moments that I will never forget. It was a very nice thing for me to watch the moon so closely. We saw it in classes as well. But we were dreaming ‘I wish we could see it’. Thank you very much. This is the lunar eclipse. “We thought that we would only see watching with a telescope at university or high school in our lives. But it is very nice to see it here while still in the village,” he said. Hicret Tunçer, one of the people who observed the moon with a telescope, said that he was very happy and that he had the opportunity to see it for the first time.


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