Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Seismographs in Naples were activated by the celebration of the Serie A title

The fans of Napoli flooded the streets of their city after obtaining the third title of A series of the Italian team.

Given this, exaltation of the seismographs was recorded during the game and later in the celebration. Fans they had to wait 33 years to celebrate and wow they were noticed.

Using a seismograph located two kilometers from the Diego Armando Maradona Stadiumhe National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), showed in a report, how the stations of the National Seismic Network, clearly showed the fuss generated by the fans.

“The seismic stations they have one very high sensitivity and those installed in urban centers can also record many aspects of daily life that leave a mark on the anthropogenic noise produced by a city”, mentioned the INGV.

The moment in which movement increased considerably was in the equalizing goal against Udinese, that annotation was key since it gave him the title of A series to Napoli.

The researchers also analyzed the previous game against Salernitana where the main peaks of euphoria were when the winning goal was closebut also in moments of nervousness when the public was silent.


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