Friday, June 2, 2023

Sebastián Córdova is sanctioned for complaining about arbitration on social networks

After the first leg final between tigers and Chivas in it university stadium, sebastian cordova He expressed his annoyance on social networks for a foul he committed Alejandro Mayorga on the boundaries of the area.

This play could change the course of the game, since the final minutes were running when it happened, for which the feline footballer was amazed because the referee Fernando Guerrero have not reviewed the play in the VAR.

“Incredible that they don’t check the VAR,” the footballer wrote on his Twitter account accompanied by the video of the play. In addition, he retweeted other comments from journalists who lamented that the Singer did not expel the defender Herd.

After this situation, the Disciplinary Commission economically sanctioned sebastian cordova for having transgressed the regulations of the Mexican Soccer Federation when making “criticisms” against arbitration.

The Disciplinary Commission informs that it determined to financially sanction the player of the UANL Club Tigres, Francisco Sebastian Cordova Reyessince yesterday, May 25, of this year, he made a publication on his social networks, violating the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Soccer Federation, in particular article 71 subparagraph d), which sanctions that Player, member of the Technical Staff and/or Official who makes through the media and/or social networks, criticisms or negative comments about the arbitration and/or VAR”, it reads.

In addition, the body sent a warning to the 25-year-old footballer about similar conduct in the future: “In the event that this type of action occurs again, the Disciplinary Commission may impose more severe sanctions against him,” he said.


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