Sergio Scariolo has become the best basketball druid in the world. His harvest of medals is not comparable to the honors of any other coach due to the heterodoxy of the teams with which he has achieved them. For the Italian, the key to this victory has been that “we have enjoyed the trip without looking at the final destination. We have concentrated on the trip, it has been the most intelligent and the most effective. We haven’t thought about where he was going to take us. Every match was that day and that moment. The outcome has been a nice surprise and a fantastic history of sport. Each player has been the protagonist of a different story that deserves to be told”.

Inflection point

Rudy Fernández, captain of these “unforeseen champions”, affirms that the key has been that “we have had a good time off the track and it has been reflected on it”. The Madrid shooting guard admits that “there have been very difficult moments”, especially “the match against Finland. We weren’t doing what we should because we let ourselves go in the first part and in the second we were able to recover our level. In view of Germany It was also a difficult game but we knew that if we were in tow at the end we could win the game”.


Alberto Diazone of the rookies who was discarded and was picked up three days before flying to Tbilisi, confessed excitedly that “that call has changed my life, both personally and in sports.” the player of Unibox He added that “we always dream of winning, as a player and as a human being. But always with your feet on the ground. defeat with Belgium It raised a lot of doubts, but the group stayed together.”

Jorge Garbajosa, former player and president of the Basketball Federation, described the title as “what this team has achieved, without belittling anyone, is one of the greatest feats in Spanish sport. In a time of transition and in the championship with the highest sporting level that I have seen in my life”. A euphoric tone from which the always wise man fled Scariolo: “I don’t see it as especially mine or as especially difficult. I do not feel any vindictive or comparative need. That was the most unexpected.”