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Scam 2003 Review: The fruit seller in the train defrauded the country of crores? Gagan Dev Riyar became a Telgi

After ‘Scam 1992’, Hansal Mehta has appeared with ‘Scam 2003’. We are talking about the new web show of Sony Liv. ‘Scam 2003’ is one of the biggest scams in the country. This scam was so big that it shook the entire judicial system of India. Hansal Mehta has tried to take this story to the people through the OTT platform. Let us know how successful he has been in his endeavour.

Story of ‘Scam 2003’
‘Scam 2003’ is the story of Abdul Karim Telgi (Gagan Dev Riyar), born in a middle class family in Karnataka. Telgi’s father was an employee in the Indian Railways. After the death of the father, the financial condition of his family worsens. Somehow he completes his graduation in difficult circumstances. Despite being educated, he does not get a job and starts living by selling fruits in the train. One day in the train he meets a Seth who offers him to come to Mumbai.

Telgi living in a small house used to dream big about life. Just to fulfill these dreams, he reaches Mumbai at the behest of Seth. He works in Seth’s hotel in Mumbai. Telgi did not have money, but had a lot of brains. While working in the hotel, he finds his way to Dubai.

After living in Dubai for 7 years, he comes to India for the sake of his wife and children. After coming to India, Telgi starts the work of sending youths to Dubai on fake documents. But is caught. On reaching the jail, he meets a criminal who is as vicious as he is. After coming out of jail, both start selling fake stamp papers. Telgi knows that there is risk in this work, but in his insistence to become rich, he plays with every risk. However, no business becomes big without government employees and leaders. Telgi also takes the help of these people in his business and moves ahead. Just… just… will you know the whole story? To know the rest of the story, you will have to watch the series.

Why should watch the series?
There are 10 episodes in ‘Scam 2003’. Only 5 episodes have been streamed so far. The remaining 5 episodes will be released in November. After watching these episodes, it can be said that this series is one of those web shows which should not be missed. A poor person defraudes the country of 30 thousand crores in a jiffy. It is interesting to watch it on TV. The first episode begins with Telgi’s narco test. The very first scene forces you to watch the story further.

Hansal Mehta understands the depth
When the trailer of ‘Scam 2003’ was released, the question in everyone’s mind was that how deep Hansal Mehta would go into this story. The series has answered all the questions. Whenever Hansal enters a story, he tears it apart. He did the same with ‘Scam 2003’. He has not left a single point in the series where you do not see the depth of the story. It is less to praise him for going into the depth of the story and making it.

excellent direction
The series is directed by Tushar Hiranandani. He has done a great job as a director. In the series, you see only Mumbai city of 20 to 40 years ago. He has introduced every character in detail. Be it a fake stamp or a fake attack in a moving train, Tusshar has done justice to the smallest scene and story.

Gagan Dev Riyar is overshadowed
Gagan Dev Riyar surprises you in the role of Telgi. He played his role in such a powerful way that seeing as if he has mixed and drunk the story. In the series, Gagan was seen copying Hubbu Telgi. As an actor, he did not realize at all that he was playing a role. He treated the character as if he himself was living that moment.

If you like watching real life thriller stories, then Telgi’s story is for you.


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