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Save battery on Telegram with these simple tricks

WhatsApp is the undisputed leader of the instant messaging. It’s hard to find a phone that doesn’t have this app installed, which has become mandatory if you want to stay in touch with your friends, family, co-workers and clients. Hence it has more than 2 billion of monthly active users. But Telegram follows at a distance. With 700 million of monthly active users, no one would say it is a threat to WhatsApp, but the distance is shortening as Telegram surprises with news which WhatsApp then copies or adapts to its own network. And among these innovations, one of the most recent is the one that allows save battery on Telegram.

The more you use an app, like happens with WhatsApp or Telegramit is inevitable that they make a heavy battery usage from your phone. Especially when it comes to making calls or video calls, sending voice notes or sharing videos. Access to WiFi and mobile data or the use of microphone and camera, as well as the phone screen itself, are factors that help consume battery. But everything has a solution.

In the case of Telegram, there are many ways to reduce its impact on the phone’s battery. But it also has a specific option for this. It is called precisely Energy saving. It is present in the Telegram app for both iOS and Android. And its job is to centralize all those Telegram options that are very good but deactivating them would help you save battery on Telegram and on your mobile device for a few good, precious minutes.

What is Telegram Energy Saving

Telegram saving mode or Energy saving It is a new feature that this app incorporates in its mobile versions. You can use it if you want or not. It is not activated by default. Its purpose is to help you save battery on Telegram disabling those little functions that are very practical or fun but that, when your battery is at 5%, it is advisable to do without them. That way you can stay connected on Telegram until you find a charging point for your device.

Energy Saving is activated if you decide it. But you have the possibility to configure it so that activate automatically when your phone’s battery reaches a specific percentage. Similar to what happens with the Android and iOS saving mode. They usually warn you when there is a reduced percentage of battery left. And then, you choose if you want to activate it or not. In Telegram it is better because when it reaches a low percentage, it will deactivate everything that consumes battery to extend its duration. Even if it’s just a few minutes.

How to activate and configure Energy Saving

Save battery in Telegram with Energy Saving

You will find the Telegram saving mode or Energy saving in the Settings of the application for iOS and Android. It has no loss. You open Telegram, click on the menu in the upper left corner and then tap on Settings. Once there, look for the option Energy saving. You will find several options that you can activate or deactivate depending on the use you make of each Telegram function.

First of all, you have a scroll bar to set the Automatic mode of energy saving. As I mentioned before, it helps you save battery life on Telegram without having to do anything. You choose the battery percentage and when your phone reaches that point, Telegram will make the appropriate changes to extend that battery a little more. The bar allows you to choose between Always off, Always active and the battery percentage from 1 to 99%. Obviously, it is recommended to program it at low battery levels. That is, between 5 and 10%.

Below that scroll bar you have the Energy saving options. By default, there is only one activated, which is self-explanatory: Enable smooth transitions. Before activating Telegram saving mode, you can mark which options will be activated to help your battery last longer. For now, there are six options that basically have to do with the animations of stickers and emojis, animations in chats and during calls or Autoplay of videos and GIF animations. Depending on how much you want to save battery life in Telegram, you may want to activate more or less of those six options.

As a curiosity, you can only configure Telegram Power Saving when it is disabled. Once activated, if you want to activate or deactivate any of the saving options, you will have to deactivate the mode and activate it again.

Disable automatic download

Save battery on Telegram by disabling automatic downloads

Although Telegram’s saving mode is very practical, all help is little to get home with your phone’s battery available. So let’s see more tricks to save battery on Telegram. One of them consists of download the files you receive manually. By default, when they send you a video, a photo or a GIF, Telegram automatically downloads them and shows them on the screen. It is something very useful but consumes data, disk space and battery.

So if you are short on battery, I suggest you deactivate what Telegram calls Multimedia auto download. And that consists of manually or automatically downloading photos, videos and files in general. You will find this option in Settings > Data and storage > Media auto-download. Then you will have to deactivate the three options to choose from: With mobile data, With Wi-Fi and Roaming. It also doesn’t hurt to deactivate another option that you will find in Data and storage. Is about Video and audio streaming.

Mute Telegram groups and channels

If you silence groups and channels you will consume less and have more peace of mind

Notifications are another way to consume battery. And, if we talk about Telegram groups and channels, they can be annoying. Muting Telegram groups serves to not be interrupted and, in addition to giving you some peace, it will prevent your phone from constantly being turning the screen on and off with notifications. To which we must add sounds and vibrations.

Since it is not about silencing the entire Telegram, you can leave the conversations intact. So we will silence Telegram groups and channels manually. You will now check the messages whenever you want, just like you do with email. It won’t take you long to silence them. Once inside the group or channel, click on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. You will see the option Mute. Click on it and choose the option Always mute.

Activate Telegram night mode

With night mode your screen will consume less

With everything we have seen, you will be able to save battery on Telegram without problems. Don’t expect miracles though. You will win a few more minutes, but sooner or later you will need to charge your phone. To finish this series of tricks, we are going to activate the Telegram dark mode. The idea is that the screen shows as little light as possible to consume less battery. Keep in mind that a white screen consumes more than a black one.

So it is better to have Telegram with dark tones than with white backgrounds. On the one hand, Telegram allows you to choose between day mode and night mode. And it also offers several themes to personalize the experience in different ways.

For switch to night mode on Telegram, go to Settings and enter Chats. There you will see the option Switch to day mode either Switch to night mode. On the other hand, you will see a series of themes consistent with that mode. Unlike WhatsApp, you won’t have to settle for two simple themes. There are a few to choose from that change the color of the message balloons and the background of the chats.

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