Saturday, December 2, 2023

Santos announces its first casualties for the next tournament

After the elimination at the hands of Monterrey in the quarterfinals of the Clausura 2023, Saints Lagoon He has already made official what will be his first casualties for the following season with the departures of Cecilio Dominguez, edward perez and Rivaldo Lozano.

Despite having reached the quarterfinals, during the regular phase the team from the region could never find regularity, finishing in 13th place, a position that the Laguna board of directors did not like at all.

Eduardo Fentanes’ patience is over and with only one day left until the tournament ends, the Verdiblanco team opted for the coach Paul Repettoto form a project to your liking for the next season.

Given this, the Uruguayan coach already has his first casualties for what will be the Opening 2023, in addition to putting the midfielder as transferable Andres Avila and to the defender oscar manzanarez.


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