Thursday, June 8, 2023

Santi Giménez is attacked by Mourinho’s assistant

The Rome and Feyenoord they faced each other in the Rome Olympic Stadiuma, duel corresponding to the return of Europa League quarterfinals; meeting in which tempers were heated and Santiago Gimenez was protagonist.

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At minute 31′, santi was fighting for a ball with Diego Llorente, which ended in a throw-in. The Mexican rushed to take the ball and put it in motion. However, Salvatore Fotti -toJosé Mourinho’s assistant– prevented it.

photo first grabbed the shoulder to gimenez and then he slapped him in the face. What caused players and members of the benches of both teams to face each other.

The referee did not tempt his heart and sent off Salvatore for the aggression, in addition to the fact that he also admonished cryingwho also had a reaction against the chaquito.

It must be remembered that these teams are fighting for the pass to the semifinal. He feyenoord they won the first leg 1-0, but the second leg was played in the Italian capital.


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