Thursday, September 21, 2023

Santi Giménez assures that Tata Martino was “a pillar in his career”

Santiago Giménez is the fashionable player in Mexican soccer thanks to his performances in the Eredivisie, but one of the most controversial situations in his short career was his absence from the World Cup.

It was in an interview with Fox Sports, where the Feyenoord striker assured that he has no grudges for Gerardo Martino’s decision, and even considers him a pillar in his career.

“It was not a call, it was a message and he wrote to me that he was very happy for my present and I thanked him. I took it, I know the type of person he is, he took me to the National Team at the age of 18 and he was a key player in my career. I accepted the decision in the best way, ”she said.

On the other hand, he accepted that he will seek to stay at Feyenoord, after being close to finishing his first season in Dutch football.

“Our dream is to go to the biggest club in Europe, but I feel that I have grown a lot here and I still need to grow even more, so option A is to stay and continue to grow more in football and mentally. There may be options that you can’t say no to, but my A option is to stay at Feyenoord.”

In addition, Santiago Giménez sent a message to Mexican soccer, where he pointed out that, sometimes, there is no confidence for the Mexican striker.

“The confidence that they have given me here from the day I arrived and they have made me feel important, both in the human sphere and in the soccer sphere, and I believe that in Mexico there were opportunities. I took advantage of some of them, others not and what I felt was that they did not give us the record of minutes and I think that is what is happening in Mexican soccer. You have to play 10 or 90 minutes, you have to feel important, and that was the mental change I had. And if I wasn’t a starter, I felt important, ”he said.

Santiago Giménez reached 22 goals in all competitions this season in the Eredivisie, with three games to go, where Feyenoord is very close to becoming champion.


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