Thursday, September 21, 2023

Samsung would throw in the towel, finally, with the curved screens on its mobiles

samsung is one of the few manufacturers that, for whatever reason, resists abandoning curved screens on some of your mobile devices. However, it seems that the South Korean manufacturer will finally say goodbye to this type of panel in the next generation of its flagship. That is, the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

According to information from Ice Universe (@UniverseIce), one of the leakers most trusted in the mobile phone industry, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will bet on a flat screen instead of a curve.

Be careful, the aforementioned is making an assumption as a result of various reports that have come to him. First, he mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will measure 79mm. Wide. That is, 8 millimeters more than the current model, the S23 Ultra.

This would indicate that the terminal is expanding its measurements to accommodate a completely flat panel. Curved screens can be integrated into smaller spaces because their edges rotate towards the opposite axis.

Of course, Ice Universe has additional information that, at the moment, it has not wanted to share. However, it would not be the first time that Samsung has suffered a leak months before the official presentation of its devices.

In this case, Samsung changing from curved screens to flat panels implies make some changes in the production line from his flagship. For companies, obviously, it is difficult to carry out these modifications without making noise, which gives rise to leaks.

Samsung did not give up on curved screens

We have to go back several years to find the exact moment when Samsung began its commitment to curved screens on its smartphones.

The first attempt occurred in 2014with the Galaxy NoteEdge. Certainly, the manufacturer managed to surprise the market because we had not seen a similar proposal. However, if we have been able to learn anything from the technology industry, it is that the first attempt could also be accompanied by multiple drawbacks and a wide margin for improvement.

Samsung’s curved screens were visually impressive, but usability left much to be desired. Owners of the Galaxy Note Edge, and consistent models with the same type of panels, began to complain because accidentally activated functions just by holding the terminal.

The reason? Samsung had the idea of ​​putting virtual buttons on the edges of curved screens. This caused that, when the fingers made contact with this part of the surface when making a natural grip, functions were activated without wanting it.

Eventually, the company worked around these issues, but also had to give up on various ideas of taking advantage of curved edges across the interface. To be honest, today Samsung’s curved screens are a mere aesthetic detail to distinguish their devices premium.

In fact, the brand’s own consumers began to demand the return of flat panels in the range of higher benefits. The Samsung Galaxy S21 put aside the curved screens in its entry models, a decision that was applauded by the public. Will they follow the same path with the Galaxy Ultra? We will know soon…

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