Friday, September 22, 2023

Samsung would be inspired by electric cars like Tesla to redesign its smartphone batteries

samsung is a company that in its most recent models of the Galaxy S family have distinguished themselves by integrating powerful batteries that guarantee more than a day of autonomy, even if their use is above the ordinary average.

However, it seems that the South Korean company is not satisfied with this and is preparing something innovative to revolutionize this sector and create pieces that guarantee even more time of use before requiring a recharge.

The most curious thing about all this is that the company specialized in would be taking as its inspiration an industry that at first glance seems to have no relationship with them: the electric car sector.

These cars have batteries that, in principle, have the same conditions and challenges as a smartphone. Where the best internal architecture is constantly sought to maximize its effectiveness.

Well, it seems that developing such bulky modules has its advantages and would have served as the basis for an ambitious project that could revolutionize the industry.

Samsung would seriously innovate with the batteries of its future smartphones

Samsung is working on new battery technology that could make phones last longer or be smaller. The technology involves stacking battery materials on top of each other for more compact designs and higher energy density (or capacity).

Currently, battery materials used in new models are rolled into “jelly rolls” and placed in cells. Such an arrangement has made it possible to achieve devices with a high range of autonomy.

Although there would be a “new” way in which its power could be further improved, taking as its point of inspiration an industry that would seem to be unrelated: that of electric cars.

We are going to compare the Samsung Galaxy A54 against the Galaxy M54 to distinguish well the factors of difference between both families.

Now, according to the Korean medium The Elec, this new technique could improve the energy density by more than 10%. This means that Samsung could increase the capacity of the batteries or reduce the size of the batteries, which in turn would allow smaller or thinner phones to be made.

There is no confirmed release date for this technology, it is unlikely that we will even see it in the Galaxy S24 series. But if they manage to perfect it, it is a fact that we will soon see devices from this brand with much more compact dimensions or, failing that, with an unprecedented capacity for autonomy.


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