Sunday, May 28, 2023

Samsung shows a mobile with a flexible screen capable of rotating up to 360 degrees

Samsung Display, the division of the South Korean company dedicated to the development of screens, has revealed a new flexible panel capable of rotating up to 360 degrees which is also committed to a very different hinge mechanism from the one that the firm has been including in its folding Galaxy smartphones.

The new flexible panel, baptized by Samsung as “Flex In & Out”, is able to bend inwardas the Galaxy Z Fold 4 already does; or out, such as the Huawei Mate Xs 2. This, therefore, allows choosing the most convenient smartphone design depending on the needs of the person. For example, if a user isn’t going to be using the device, they can fold it in and—in a way—completely hide their screen. If, instead, you prefer to use the phone with a format more similar to that of a conventional mobile, you only have to fold the panel out 360 degrees until it is in two parts, and use one of the two sides of the screen.

The screen also includes a hinge with a “water drop” mechanism, which offers different advantages over the hinge that Samsung implements in its current models. For one thing, it makes the creasing on the screen, which appears when the panel is fully open, less pronounced. On the other, and as indicated The Vergemakes the screen less tense, so we assume it will be more resistant

Will this flexible display come to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5?

360 degree folding screen, Samsung
Image: The Verge.

At the moment, Samsung Display has not provided details on the availability of this new format. Nevertheless, It wouldn’t be strange to see a similar screen design on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. In fact, the first rumors about this future folding indicate that the company will bet on a “waterdrop” hinge that is precisely the same mechanism that includes the “Flex In & Out” panel.

In any case, that Samsung modifies its conventional hinge for a “drop of water” hinge, so named because it makes the fold of the panel look like a teardrop, It does not mean that yes or yes it includes a 360 degree flexible screen.


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