Saturday, April 1, 2023

Samsung presents the 200 MP ISOCELL HP2 image sensor: it would debut with the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Electronics presented this week latest 200 megapixel image sensor, the ISOCELL HP2, with improved pixel technology and full capacity, which would debut with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the brand’s next top of the range.

JoonSeo Yim, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Sensor Business Team, offered details about the ISOCELL HP2: “The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 leverages Samsung’s high-resolution image sensor technologies and cutting-edge know-how for epic detail”.

Our leadership comes from innovative pixel technologies that allow our sensors to go beyond the number and size of pixels. We will continue to open new horizons and consolidate our presence in the growing market for ultra-high resolution sensors.”.

sensor specifications

This new sensor includes 200 million 0.6 micrometer (μm) pixels in a 1/1.3″ optical formata sensor size that is widely used in leading 108MP smartphone cameras.

These features allow consumers to enjoy even higher resolutions on the latest high-end smartphones without major camera bumps on their devices.


Using Samsung’s advanced pixel binning technology, Tetra 2 pixels, the HP2 adds more versatility to the camera by simulating different pixel sizes to accommodate different lighting levels.

In low-light environments, the sensor transforms into a 50MP 1.2μm or 12.5MP 2.4μm image sensor by stitching four to 16 neighboring pixels together. For fuller 8K video, at approximately 33MP, the HP2 switches to 1.2μm 50MP mode to minimize cropping and capture more of the scene. Records at 8K at 30 frames per second (fps), a wide field of view coupled with a larger pixel size can produce sharp, cinematic videos.

The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 has entered mass production and is expected to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.


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