Saturday, September 30, 2023

Samsung overtakes Apple and regains first place in the premium smartphone market

In the competitive premium smartphone market in India, samsung has managed to surpass Manzana and regain its position as leader during the quarter from April to Juneaccording to analysts, who tend to view the India figures as a global trend.

In accordance with Financial Express, this achievement is attributed to several key factors such as affordability and new launches in the price segment of Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000 (rupees). In contrast, Apple continues to lead the ultra-premium segment with a 59% share, according to Counterpoint data.

Apple has kept its focus on the segment above Rs 45,000, which has allowed Samsung to seize the opportunity in the more affordable price segment. In addition, the prices of iPhones are expected to drop during the festive season, which could further benefit Apple in the premium segment.

What is the success of Samsung?

For Samsung, success is due in part to launches of its Galaxy S23 series and attractive financing schemes that have fueled its shipment and market share growth in the quarter.

On the other hand, Apple offers models like the iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone 11 at prices below Rs 45,000, which has attracted consumers in the premium segment after being in the market for a while.

The premium smartphone segment accounts for 17% of the overall smartphone shipments in India, according to Counterpoint. Despite a 3% drop in total smartphone shipments during the quarter, the premium segment saw impressive 112% year-over-year growth thanks to the base effect, pent-up demand and improving macroeconomic conditions.

Apple is expected to continue to expand its market share over the next 3-5 years, which could have an impact on other Android-based smartphone brands. However, Samsung is well positioned thanks to its focus on the S and Z series, especially with the unique folding form factor in its Z series smartphones..


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