Thursday, June 1, 2023

Samsung keeps Google as the default search engine; won’t switch to bing

samsung has decided to keep Google as the default search engine on their devices instead of replacing it with Microsoft Bingdue to company concerns about how the change would be perceived and how it might affect its relationship with Google.

The tech company Korea has come to consider replacing Google with the Microsoft Bing search engine, implementing it as its search engine predetermined in the web browsing application of their devices, as it became known in mid-April.

This is due to the novelties that Bing presents based on the artificial intelligence (AI) of its OpenAI, among which the implementation of the chatbot stands out ChatGPT or the image creator based on the Dall-E model, Bing Image Creator.

For its part, Google considered this move as “a serious threat” for its search engine business and focused on “bringing new AI-powered features to search,” Google spokeswoman Lara Levin explained at the time. Specifically, she began to implement a redesign in running the search engine with a project known internally as Magi.

Beginnings of May, Google shared at the Google I/O 2023 annual developer event its plans to offer users a new search experience based on generative AI.

Within this framework, according to statements from sources close to this matter collected by The Wall Street Journalthe Korean company has stopped these change plans and has decided to keep Google as its main search engine.

Specifically, it would have made this decision because of the company’s concerns about how this change might be perceived by the market. It has also taken into account the impact that this replacement would have on the relationship between Samsung and Google, as this newspaper has underlined.

The sources They have explained that Samsung initially approached the move to Bing because they assumed it would not have much of an impact, given that most of the users who use devices of this brand do not make use of the internal Internet application, but advocate other browsers such as Google Chromewhich is also pre-installed on Samsung smartphones.

However, they also indicate that this does not mean that Samsung completely discards the option to change the browser, but that it can keep it as a future alternative.


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