Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Samsung Galaxy allies with Microsoft for the default use of Bing, its Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft found on phones Samsung galaxy to the best aircraft carriers for your Artificial Intelligence, bing. Thus, the person who does not have a remote idea about the new technology will have it available by default on their smartphone.


Bing is Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence chatbot, direct competitor of ChatGPT (OpenAI). The goal of the company founded by Bill Gates is to directly enter the smartphone market, the second front after computers.

For a few weeks now, Bing’s capabilities have been on the SwiftKey keyboard, allowing users to quickly access chat and pitch change functionality.

The SwiftKey app is pre-installed on Galaxy devices, the company recently confirmed on Twitter, Based on Android v9.10.11.10 update.

However, users they can always switch to the original Samsung keyboard, which is the other pre-installed application in the Galaxy.

The union between Samsung and Bing, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence

All this happens weeks after the emergence of a piece of news: Samsung was thinking of switch to Bing as their default search engine on their phones.

According to reports cited by Android Authority, Samsung would pay Google close to $3 billion to make it the default search engine for its Galaxy devices.

“The integration of Bing Artificial Intelligence pre-installed within the SwiftKey app,” notes Android Authority, “It could be a sign of things to come.”

The new Bing allows turn ideas into images, refine searches and get short answers, among other applications of Microsoft technology. “It’s integrated everywhere you look in Microsoft Edge, including the sidebar,” describes the company on its portal.

“64% of searches happen on mobile phones, so we are launching the new Bing to serve as your co-pilot for the web, even when you’re away from your desk.” says the company founded by Bill Gates. “The new Bing preview is now available on the Bing, Edge and Skype mobile apps, as well as PC and Mac.”


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