Friday, September 22, 2023

Samsung ecosystem: the advantages of the new folding, accompanied by more tech things

Samsung’s new foldable devices, Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, were introduced less than two weeks ago and marked a milestone in the consumer mobile technology market. But as we have been able to see throughout the coverage of its launch, they arrived together with a series of new Tabs and also smartwatches.

The Galaxy Fold5 and Galaxy Flip5 are the latest foldables presented by the company and are considered equipment designed to break with the established, offering new features and innovations that facilitate users’ daily tasks, as well as enhance the creative side and productivity.


Among the novelties, improvements in its design, increased external screen and more stand out. But let’s remember that these teams did not arrive alone: ​​but with more products to complete what is called Samsung’s “ecosystem”.

a new generation

Along with the foldables, the new Tab S9 series and the Watch6 and Watch6 Classic smartwatches also arrived. These devices allow a simple connection between them, being able to carry out your work tasks or content creation from multiple screens. They are also a new generation: since this type of device has been accompanying the main smartphones of the Korean brand for years.


But what is it that makes the new folding a key choice for your ecosystem? Wide screen, new Flexible Window, updated Taskbar and all the potential of Multitask and also creativity with FlexCam, are some of the most popular attributes of the new Galaxy Flip5 and Galaxy Fold5. So your work will be even more optimized.


an improved design

In addition, the essence of the iconic designs fuses impeccable shapes with current trends, delivering balance between the screen, the structure of the device and its exterior with colors inspired by nature and well polished.

Finally, and thanks to the flexible hinge, Samsung’s foldables now have less space between screens when closed and the overall depth and weight of the equipment has been reduced, delivering a comfortable and easy experience.


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