Friday, June 2, 2023

Samsung develops new roll-up screens for smartphones that can mark the future of folding

During Display Week in Los Angeles, samsung display has presented its latest advances in display technology that could revolutionize the mobile phones and tablets of the future.

One of the most prominent prototypes is the OLED Rollable Flexa roll-up screen that can stretch up to 12.4 inches in size and roll from 49mm to 254.4mmwhich would allow transforming a phone into a tablet.

In accordance with computer todaythis technology offers greater scalability compared to conventional folding and sliding screens, with more than 5 times the folding capacity.

Samsung has accomplished this feat by turning a large screen into something portable by making it rollable, though it hasn’t provided many details about the development to shield the idea from the competition. This technology has the potential to completely change the concept of foldable devices.

The standout feature is that we were able to turn a large, hard-to-carry screen into a portable form factor by making it rollable”, boasts Samsung.


Also works on the Flex In & Out OLED

In addition to roll-up displays, Samsung has also introduced the Flex In & Out OLED panelthat can be folded both in and outwhich implies a different hinge design than current folding devices.

Although these are prototypes in development, it is possible that in a few years we will see screens like these integrated into commercial devices. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait for Samsung to further develop this technology to make it viable in everyday devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold phones.

Although not many details have been revealed about the technology shown, Samsung is expected to further develop these screens for integration into future Flip and Fold series devices.


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