Monday, December 4, 2023

Samsung admits to a change: Its Galaxy Fold and Flip lineups are more popular than the Note

the people of samsung It has been opened to talk about current market trends where they confirm that folding screen smartphones have ceased to be a fashion to become a common form factor among consumers.

In essence, these phones that seem like a nostalgic tribute to the old mobile phones with a “clam” design stopped being sold as a product for retro lovers and are now a device for sale to all audiences.

A few days ago, the FayerWayer editorial team was lucky enough to travel to Korea to see first-hand the new .

The expectation was high and the doubts were several. With the previous model, it seemed that there was not much to improve in this increasingly competitive segment beyond the camera.

But then it came OPPO with his Find N2 Flip to show that in fact there was still a lot to refine in the small details that ended up making the difference.

The manufacturer, then, had the mission of overcoming the setback that its competition had dealt it, and to our pleasant surprise they have presented a new high-power line with attractive innovations.

Both terminals are about to reach the general public and now we discover that the company has everything calculated: they are perfectly aware of the historical moment that the sector is experiencing.

Samsung reveals that foldable smartphones will be more popular than its Note line

Not too long ago Samsung had a line of genuinely bulky smartphones with huge screens, so much so that you needed a stylus for easier operation.

This range of smartphones was called Galaxy Note and during its nine generations they became a reference standard for the so-called phablet segment.

Devices that due to their dimensions were halfway between a tablet and a simple smartphone. This market line died and gave way to folding screen phones, much more practical and versatile.

Now, the president and head of Samsung’s mobile experience division, TM Roh, in a chat with colleagues from cnet compared the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip series to the previous performance of its Galaxy Note series, which was discontinued in 2021:

“As we speak, they are almost even. The expectation (is) that with the Flip and the Fold 5, we will finally be able to surpass those sales figures.”

In other words, the company’s line of flexible smartphones in 2023 will be as popular as the Note family, which was part of the common consumer market, was at the time.

This means that the smartphone with a folding screen would no longer be a curiosity in the market, but a standard product consumed by the wide spectrum of users.


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