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Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video Review: ‘Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video’ is a mirror of the society with a dose of suspense thriller.

Today’s youth has accepted social media as their life. Often we keep facing news like someone’s video going viral or MMS getting leaked. The story of ‘Sajni Shinde Ka Viral Video’ also talks about a girl whose MMS has been leaked.

Sajni Shinde (Radhika Madan), a science teacher in a school in Pune city, goes to Singapore on an official trip with some of her school colleagues. Coincidentally, Sajni’s birthday also falls at the same time, and everyone goes to the club to celebrate. Meanwhile, a video of Sajni’s dance in the club goes viral. After the video went viral, there has been an upheaval in Sajni’s life. Sajni, who has been expelled from school, does not get the support of her family and even her fiance. In such a situation, Sajni suddenly disappears after writing a post on social media, in which she holds her father and fiance responsible for this. The film takes an interesting turn from here. Many names emerge in this police investigation. Who is the real culprit, the story progresses on these lines.

Mikhil Musale has taken over the responsibility of direction of the film. Mikhil is the one who has received the National Award for his debut film ‘Wrong Side Raju’. Through this film, Mikhil shows the mirror of a big truth of the society. Mikhil makes an important issue interesting by giving it the form of suspense. The screenplay of the film is to the point, which is its strong point. From the first half till the climax, the film looks tight. The curiosity to know what happened to Sajni remains till the end.

The attempt to tie together many issues going on in the society through the film seems to be successful. For example, patriarchal thinking, hollow feminism, youth considering social media as their life, unnecessary pressure of reputation in schools, a theater artist’s approach towards commercial projects, cooperation of media in how to polish the image, all these aspects. Wrapped up in one story. Since the story is based in Pune, the abundance of Marathi language in it might be burdensome for the audience. Mikhil is 100% perfect in overall direction.

The film completely justifies Pune city and its mood. Some shots look beautiful on screen. Cinematographers serve the flavor of the film accurately on the screen. The editing is also tight. Yes, the tone of the film has been kept a bit dark, which justifies its suspense thrill. The background score also acts as fuel to emote the thrill of the story. The hard work on the dialogues of the film is also visible. For example, many one liners like woman, there is no Aadhar card, can be used anywhere, have been used very well in the film.

The film should get full marks for its casting. Good casting, adjustment of such great actors after a long time makes this film special. Nimrat Kaur’s work stands out in the role of Police Inspector. As a traumatized teacher, Radhika Madan has put her soul into the character. Subodh Bhave’s work as a father and theater artist has been exceptional, in many frames he reminds us of Guru Dutt. Chinmay Mandelkar’s work as Sub Inspector is spot on. Here, Kiran Karmakar appears as a lawyer for a short while but he dominates. Bhagyashree, who became the principal, is also seen doing complete justice to her character. The character of fiancé Soham Majumdar leaves no stone unturned in making an impact.

why watch
It is an excellent film, which acts as a mirror of the society and forces you to look within yourself. Along with this, it gets a bonus dose of suspense thriller. The film must be given a chance.


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