Thursday, June 8, 2023

Sainz, resigned: “On Saturdays we fight for pole position and on Sundays, slap”

“We have to keep trying things. Every weekend we try things, but we fight for pole position on Saturday and then Sunday arrives and they slap us in the face in the race”, lamented Sainz, resigned to the superiority of his rivals and not only Red Bull.

“Max and Checo’s car is on another planet and Alonso’s Aston Martin has much better degradation than us. The Mercedes that are second in qualifying and then in the race put us two or three tenths”, Carlos analyzed.

Sainz started third and pressured Alonso for the podium until the first stop. The sensations with the midfielders were good, but he took a risk with the hard ones to surprise the Asturian and the strategy did not turn out as expected: “I felt very good with the midfielders and they made me think that the podium was possible, that passing Alonso It was possible, and it was a very strong stint that gave us the chance to go for the undercut. We stopped on lap 18 and after stopping and doing a couple of fast laps with the hard ones, that has ruined the rest of the race a bit“, has explained.

“From there, we have started to degrade the tyre, to overheat it, and that shows that you have very little flexibility with our car to do different strategies. As soon as you get out of the ideal laps, we suffer a lot with the hard rubber. We suffered a lot with inconsistency, with the tire overheating and lack of flexibility”, added Carlos.

“If we had done a bit more standard strategy, going longer with the medium, we would have suffered less with the hard, but we tried. We went for the podium and maybe it cost us fourth place. I did the first stint perfectly and I pushed Alonso, maybe we shot ourselves in the foot and it was a very long stint with many inconsistencies”, the man from Madrid closed.


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