BAFUF gave good news to the Bangladesh women’s team who beat Nepal in the South Asian supremacy and gave Bangladesh its first taste of the title. Bangladesh Football Federation president Kazi Salauddin has assured that the salary of Sabina-Sanjidad will be increased.

Sabina-Sanjidara are now the champions of South Asia. However, football players and officials of other countries may regret hearing about their salaries. There has been a lot of talk about these issues before. The salary was also increased, but many believe that it was enough. This time, Sabina won the clean and took the trophy of the Buff President. There is assurance.


However, the exact amount of the salary is not yet known. After talking to Kazi Salauddin on Thursday, party leader Sabina Khatun said, ‘We have spoken to the president. He congratulated us. We have stated our demands. He promised to fulfill it. We talked about increasing our salary. He (Salauddin) accepted. He promised to increase the salary soon.’

It is to be noted that the women of Bangladesh won the title for the first time by defeating the host Nepal by 3-1 in the final of the sixth edition of Women’s SAFF Championship held in Kathmandu. Bangladeshi team leader Sabina Khatun received the highest goal scorer award in the tournament. His total number of goals this season is eight. And Rupana Chakma, who played the duty of guarding Bangladesh’s goal in the entire tournament, was selected as the best footballer.

(22 September/MM)