Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Rugby World Cup opening ceremony: who are the personalities present?

It is tradition. Before each start of the competition, the host country organizes an opening ceremony. For the Rugby World Cup, it will be directed by Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin. Passionate about rugby, he was registered by his parents just like his brothers from an early age before choosing a different voice. Despite this career choice, he has always been very close to the middle of the oval as Antoine Dupont explained a few years ago. “He’s been following us since the 2020 VI Nations tournament.”, explained the captain of the XV of France to GQ. “He’s a grassroots rugby fan, and I think he’s come to love the team over the past few months. He writes to me before and after every game.”

What we know about the ceremony

After having co-written the ceremony with show designer Olivier Ferracci and director Nora Matthey of l’Endroit, Jean Dujardin will be one of the main incarnations in order to highlight “French know-how and art of living”. In total, 33 renowned guests will represent the gastronomic, sporting and artistic know-how of France, without forgetting the 200 volunteers present on the lawn. As evoked by the Parisian, the actor and director Philippe Lacheau, the star dancer Alice Renavand, the chef Guy Savoy should be there as well as the singer Vianney, Zazie, Zaz or the pastry chef Pierre Hermé

Grichka Caruge, the Angoumois dancer, choreographed the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, he was the world hip-hop champion in 2009.

Enthusiastic World Rugby

“We are honored to have Jean Dujardin leading the Opening Ceremony of Rugby World Cup 2023. His immense talent, creativity and passion for the arts and our sport will no doubt create an extraordinary and immersive experience for spectators at the whole world.

Jean Dujardin has a vision for staging that will make the Opening Ceremony not only a spellbinding spectacle, showcasing the best of France’s heritage and deep-rooted love of rugby, but also the collaborative efforts and the unwavering enthusiasm of everyone working behind the scenes to provide fans with the most memorable Rugby World Cup ever.

On behalf of World Rugby, I would like to warmly thank Jean Dujardin, his team and the 200 volunteers for their invaluable dedication to making this Opening Ceremony an unforgettable moment that will pave the way for an exceptional tournament.” Sir Bill BEAUMONT Chairman of World Rugby.


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