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Rugby World Cup 2023 Calendar: the final phase table to download

The time for the final phase approaches with the very last day of the group stage this week before the quarter-finals kick off on Saturday October 14. While England have already qualified for the quarter-finals and are even guaranteed to finish in first place, there are still several uncertainties for the rest of the groups. In Pool A, France can finish first in their group provided they beat Italy. She will face South Africa, if Ireland wins against Scotland. On the other hand, in the event of a victory for Scotland with a bonus and a zero point on Ireland’s side, we will be entitled to a France – Ireland in the quarter-final and a New Zealand – Scotland in the second part of the table.

There are also two rather specific scenarios:

  • If Scotland beat Ireland and both teams get a bonus point, they will join South Africa on 15 points. First place will then be determined under the points difference rule.
  • Scotland will need to win by 21 points or more to take first place ahead of South Africa (currently South Africa +117, Ireland +122 and Scotland +97). Ireland would then take second place under the head-to-head rule thanks to their victory over South Africa. If Scotland do not win by this margin, South Africa will finish top on points difference and Scotland second under the head-to-head rule.

In Pool C, Fiji and Wales are in a good position. If the Welsh are already qualified, they must score a point to stay in first place. For their part, Fiji also only need a point against Portugal to confirm their second place thanks to their victory over Australia last week. For Australia, it would take a miracle to qualify because Fiji would have to lose without taking a single bonus point against the Portuguese. In Pool D, England is therefore already qualified and the winner of the Japan – Argentina match will obtain second place.

Rugby World Cup schedule in PDF

Find all the dates of the Rugby World Cup matches with the group stage, but also the final phase. You will also find stadiums and match times.

Download the 2023 Rugby World Cup schedule

What are the World Cup stadiums?

Organized in France, the 2023 World Cup will take place in nine stadiums: the Stade de France in Paris, the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille, the Stade des Lumières in Lyon, the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Lille, the Atlantique stadium in Bordeaux, the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Etienne, the Beaujoire stadium in Nantes, the Allianz Riviera in Nice and the Toulouse Stadium.

Stade de France (Paris):

  • France – New Zealand (Friday September 8)
  • Australia – Georgia (Saturday September 9)
  • South Africa – Ireland (Saturday September 23)
  • Ireland – Scotland (Saturday October 7)
  • Quarter-final 2: 1st Pool B – 2nd Pool A (Saturday October 14)
  • Quarter-final 4: 1st Pool A – 2nd Pool B (Sunday October 15)
  • Semi-final 1: Quarter-final winner 1 – Quarter-final winner 2 (Friday October 20)
  • Semi-final 2: Quarter-final winner 3 – Quarter-final winner 3 (Saturday October 21)
  • Final for third place (Friday October 27)
  • World Cup Final (Saturday October 28)

Matmut Atlantique (Bordeaux):

  • Ireland – Romania (Saturday September 9)
  • Wales – Fiji (Sunday September 10)
  • Samoa – Chile (Saturday September 16)
  • South Africa – Romania (Sunday September 17)
  • Fiji – Georgia (Saturday September 30)

Pierre Mauroy Stadium (Lille):

  • France – Uruguay (Thursday September 14)
  • England – Chile (Saturday September 23)
  • Scotland – Romania (Saturday September 30)
  • England – Samoa (Saturday October 7)
  • Tonga – Romania (Saturday October 8)

OL Park (Lyon):

  • Wales – Australia (Sunday September 24)
  • Uruguay – Namibia (Wednesday September 27)
  • New Zealand – Italy (Friday September 29)
  • New Zealand – Uruguay (Thursday October 5)
  • France – Italy (Friday October 6)

Stade Vélodrome (Marseille):

  • England – Argentina (Saturday September 9)
  • South Africa – Scotland (Sunday September 10)
  • France – Namibia (Thursday September 21)
  • South Africa – Tonga (Sunday October 1)
  • Quarter-final 1: 1st Pool C – 2nd Pool D (Saturday October 14)
  • Quarter-final 3: 1st Pool D – 2nd Pool C (Sunday October 15)

Beaujoire Stadium (Nantes):

  • Ireland – Tonga (Saturday September 16)
  • Argentina – Chile (Saturday September 30)
  • Wales – Georgia (Saturday October 7)
  • Japan – Argentina (Sunday October 8)

Allianz Riviera (Nice):

  • Wales – Portugal (September 16)
  • England – Japan (Sunday September 17)
  • Italy – Uruguay (Wednesday September 20)
  • Scotland – Tonga (Sunday September 24)

Geoffroy Guichard Stadium (Saint-Étienne):

  • Italy – South Africa (Saturday September 9)
  • Australia – Fiji (Sunday September 17)
  • Argentina – Samoa (Friday September 22)
  • Australia – Portugal (Sunday October 1)

Toulouse Stadium (Toulouse):

  • Japan – Chile (Sunday September 10)
  • New Zealand – Namibia (Friday September 15)
  • Georgia – Portugal (September 23)
  • Japan – Samoa (Thursday September 28)
  • Fiji – Portugal (Sunday October 8)


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