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Rüdiger will start against City and Camavinga’s sprain does not worry Ancelotti after an improper change

Real Madrid had a lot to lose and little to gain against Getafe, an embedded function in the middle of the semifinal against Manchester City, Watch out for white moves. The Bordalás team, brave by nature and in a permanent fight for salvation, He presented himself as an uncomfortable rival. Despite the fact that the intensity was not as expected, in one of the plays of the final stretch Eduardo Camavinga, one of Ancelotti’s most fit men, was injured (It gave rise to Vinicius’s goal in the first leg).

The Italian coach arranged for several starters, including the Frenchman, who suffered a kick down, in the right ankle, delivered by Juan Iglesias. This caused a twist in the knee of the opposite leg. The alarms went off at the Bernabéu, which saw the almost unprecedented Odriozola playing left back, position in which Mendy started playing after returning from injury. It didn’t even last 45 minutes, so Real Madrid ended up with a hole on this flank.

Ferland Mendy, against Juan Iglesias, in his ephemeral return to ownership against Real Madrid. PS

The illegal exchange of Camavinga for Odriozola

Camavinga, who began playing in midfield until he replaced Mendy, limped off the field. He did it with a controversial change that he even plans to misalign. The Frenchman was not going to be replaced. Carletto did want to bring on Odriozola, but instead of Asensio, who scored a goal that decided the game. In fact, the Spaniard even left the field, but Ancelotti, seeing Camavinga’s situation, made him return.

Odriozola had already entered and Asensio had sat on the bench, so the change seemed effective. However, with the permission of Martínez Munuera, the number of the ‘tablet’ was changed to allow Camavinga to leave, while Asensio remained on the field. According to the regulations, the referee should have prevented the return of the Spaniard and Real Madrid should have played with ten players. Getafe could raise an appeal if they consider it to amend an arbitration error.

Eduardo Camavinga, on the bench at the Bernabéu, with ice on his knee after the entry of Juan Iglesias. DAZN

Camavinga suffers a slight knee sprain

But with nothing at stake in LaLiga, what worries Real Madrid the most is the state of Camavinga. According to the white club, the French midfielder suffers a left knee sprain classified as “mild” in the absence of definitive evidence. In a normal situation, if this diagnosis is confirmed, it would be difficult for the Frenchman to reach Wednesday’s game against Manchester City. However, Ancelotti reassured Real Madrid.

“The knee has sprained a bit, but it is stable. Now it bothers him a bit, although the most important thing is mobility. The inner leg of the knee bothers him, but it is nothing. It’s just a hit. He is 20 years old and he will recover soon. He will rest for everything he has played and on Monday he will be with the rest of the team, “assured a coach who never hides his cards. So much so that he confirmed the ownership of Antonio Rüdiger in the return against Manchester City.

Rüdiger will start against the ousted Militao

The German had a sensational match in the first leg, nullifying completely Haaland. In fact, he did not enter the list against Getafe, against whom Eder Militao started. The Brazilian was out due to accumulation of sanctions against Guardiola’s team in the first round. What was going to be a noticeable absence in Ancelotti’s eleven, was not noticed. On the contrary, the German marked the Norwegian with such firmness that he will repeat at the Etihad.

“Rüdiger was tired and I have given him rest so that he is fresh on Wednesday,” said the Italian coach, who further specified the situation when he assured that the German international “will play” against Manchester City. Although he tried to qualify his exercise of sincerity by saying that “I don’t know how many minutes, but play”, He ended up releasing what Guardiola and any rival strategist wanted to hear: “I tell you more, the game begins”.

Ancelotti is so confident in his arguments that he does not hide them even for prevention. This is usual in the Italian, who gives the lineups almost two hours before the game. On the sheet will be Rüdiger, a central hierarchy who has won the game against “deconcentrated” Militao, who has gone from being considered as “the best in the world” in his position by Ancelotti to be noticed by his “lack of concentration”. The Brazilian will fight for one of the two places that will remain free at the back, where in addition to Rüdiger will be Carvajal, another of the highlights in the first leg against City.


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