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Rubiales: “The meaning of the kiss to Jenni was the same as that of one to my daughters”

The former president of the RFEF Luis Rubiales continued his defense through the journalist’s program Piers Morgan, ‘TalkTV’. The British newspaper ‘The Sun’ has offered this Monday, September 11, a preview of what will be the second installment of the interview, which will be broadcast on Tuesday the 12th and in which the former leader refers directly to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso.

The former leader of the Spanish Federation is blunt in his answers, as It already happened in the first installment of the interview. Luis Rubiales believes that “there was no harm, no sexual content, no aggression, nothing like that” in the non-consensual kiss to Hermoso after the Spanish women’s team won the world title. “No abuse?” the journalist asks him. “Of course not. Of course not. It’s a gushing, happy moment,” Luis Rubiales insists.

“Like a daughter”

The meaning of the kiss to Jenni would have been exactly the same as that of a kiss to one of my daughters.“, assured the former president of the RFEF in his speech on the Piers Morgan program. Rubiales went so far as to assure that an action like the one he carried out after the World Cup final “among friends and family, that is very, very common.”

Luis Rubiales admits in the interview that in view of how events have developed he would have acted differently and that “I should have acted more solemnly, coldly and diplomatically“But he still describes the non-consensual kiss as “a very happy moment, a celebration, a moment of euphoria” and tells Piers Morgan: “I have full faith that the truth will come to light and everything will be okay. Look at my face, I’m a good guy.”

The gestures from the box

In this second interview, Rubiales also addresses the gestures he made from the box, putting his hands to his genitals when celebrating Spain’s victory over England. And he explains his version of events. “This makes me very ashamed… There are no excuses. In Spain, among both men and women, there is an expression that would probably be translated as: ‘there my balls’ or something like that. This vulgar expression, basically what means is: ‘bravo, well done’. I apologize because it is not the behavior I should have had,” he concludes.


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