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Rubiales, sentenced to double his daughters’ pension for a “substantial increase” in his income

Luis Rubiales, recently temporarily suspended as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and as vice president of the Uefahas been forced by justice to double the alimony that he pays to his ex-wife for the three daughters they have in common after a “substantial increase” of your income. This has been determined by the Tenth Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia in a judgment dated June 19 to which EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, from the Prensa Ibérica group, has had access, and which details, based on the statements of Rubiales’ own income, the income he’s had for the past decade.

In this way, and according to the data contained in that documentation, the still president of the RFEF would have gone from entering €97,237 as net income from your work in 2011 to €955,079 in 2020, when he had already been in office for two and a half years. That year he earned more than double that of 2019 and more than quadruple that of 2018.

That multiply your income by ten On account of work, it would have motivated his ex-partner, from whom he divorced in 2013, to request a review of the alimony he receives for the daughters they have in common. When her request was refuted by Rubiales himself in court, the updated pension would have been practically half of what the mother requested and double what the father paid to date. This newspaper has tried to obtain the version of Luis Rubiales through the RFEF, but the organization has not wanted to make statements since he is no longer part of the federation.

“Increase in wages”

The magistrates justify their decision to increase the pension by “the sharp increase in remuneration” of Rubialesa situation that has to be reflected, the judges conclude, “in the amount of alimony, and not only, as decided by the sentence (of May 9, 2022 by the Court of First Instance number 6 of Llíria ), in the full payment by the appellate of the extraordinary expenses”.

The judgment of the Provincial Court of Valencia to which EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA has had access does not therefore accept the arguments of Rubiales’ defense, who refused to raise the payments for his daughters for the “temporary nature of charges that he holds as president of the Spanish Football Federation, and as vice president of UEFA”, since he has detected a “sustained increase over time, and growing income”.

In fact, the magistrates say, “in the event that their remuneration also decreases lastingly and significantly, it may be of interest to reduce their maintenance contribution for their daughters”, a situation that can occur if their departure is confirmed. definitive form of the presidency of the RFEF and the vice-presidency of UEFA as a result of the Jenni Hermoso case. Faced with the sentence, Rubiales could file an appeal.

The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, in a file photo. EFE

1.6 million in revenue

Based on the documentation provided by Rubiales’ defense, the president entered more than 1.6 million euros as net income from work between 2018 and 2020. His fixed salary, but above all his total income, have been a mystery since he took office in the summer of 2018, when he promised a revolution and greater transparency with respect to the model of his predecessor, Ángel María Villar. As soon as he took office, however, Rubiales got a fixed salary of 160,000 euros gross per year plus a variable of 0.6% of income from sponsorships.

In his income statement, the newly invested president stated that he had received net income that year as income from work of 231,700 euros. The income, far from remaining stable in these amounts, doubled year after year as Rubiales expanded his power in Spain and also in Europe.

In mid-2019, Luis Rubiales was unanimously elected by the members of the UEFA Executive Committee as the organization’s new vice president, a position he held until FIFA’s recent suspension as a result of the case. Jenni Beautiful. In exchange, and according to what he has learned, the president received 250,000 euros gross per year.

To that half year of salary, we would have to add the 160,000 euros of his fixed salary as president of the RFEF, so that, gross, only from his work he would have contributed around 285,000 gross euros plus variables. According to your income statement for that fiscal year 2019Rubiales declared having entered as net income from work €458,655.

The big change, however, occurred in 2020, the year of the pandemic, when the president declared that he had won €955,078that is, more than double that in 2019 and more than four times that in 2018, the year in which he began to preside over the Royal Spanish Football Federation from May.

Saudi Arabia income

In 2020, after closing the operation to bring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, for which the RFEF pocketed 40 million euros per year, Rubiales proposed to the assembly a new modification of his remuneration. The variable part ceased to be linked to sponsorships to be linked to the total income of the Federation, thus incorporating into the account millionaire agreements such as those reached with the Saudi dictatorship.

Specifically, Rubiales kept 0.15% of the total income of the RFEF, discounting those from public subsidies. In 2022, after the controversy caused by the publication of his audios and private conversations, he proposed a new change, consolidated as a fixed salary the one received the previous year with the formula in force then, €635,000. That is the amount he continued to earn until he was suspended by FIFA, regardless of his remuneration as UEFA vice president.


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