Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Rubiales’ controversial kiss to Jenni Hermoso at the World Cup celebration

The Spanish victory in the women’s soccer world cup This Sunday in Sydney has left behind a controversy during the delivery of medals and trophy: the moment in which the president of the Federation, Luis Rubialeshe has planted a kiss in the mouth of the player Jenni Hermoso.

The players have been passing one by one through a catwalk where the queen letiziahis daughter the infanta sofiathe president of FIFA infantino and the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. When the soccer player’s turn has come Jenni BeautifulRubiales has taken the Madrid face and has planted an unexpected kiss on her mouth.

The image has not taken long to go viral on social networks and the player herself spoke about it in the Instagram live that they have done celebrating the victory: “But what do I do? I didn’t like it, huh”.

But the controversy has not ended there. The RFEF president went down to the locker room to join the girls’ party and joked about the events. “We want to communicate Jenni and I are getting married“, he announced between laughs, taking the player by the shoulder.

He then reported that they will be given a holiday in Ibiza for their victory and that they will celebrate “the wedding of Jenni and Luis Rubiales” there.


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