Thursday, September 21, 2023

Rubiales apologizes for his kiss to Jenni Hermoso: “Surely I was wrong, I have to admit it”

He president of the Federation He has wanted settle the controversy for her inappropriate celebration by planting a kiss on Jenni Hermoso after winning the first Women’s World Cup with an apology. “We are facing a fact of history. Before a World Cup. For this we have been working for a long time in the Federation. But also there is a fact that I regret between me and a player, with whom I have a wonderful relationship, as with others. Surely I was wrong, I have to admit it. in a moment of maximum effusivity and without any bad faith, what happened happened. In a spontaneous way without bad faith on either side“He said through a video broadcast on the Federation’s social networks.

“Here it was not understood, we saw it as something natural and normal. But outside a commotion has been created by people who have felt damaged. I have to apologize, there is no other. When one is president of the Federation, especially in this type of ceremonies and occasions,” he added, looking at the camera.

“There are some statements, on my part, within this context, where I say that this seems idiotic to me. That is why, because in here it was not given the slightest importance. Outside they have been given it. I want to apologize to those people because I understand that if it has been seen from the outside in a different way, they will surely have their reasons,” Rubiales said about the statements he gave after the final to Cadena Cope, where he called those who criticized his performance idiots and stupid.

Rubiales’ kiss to Jenni Hermoso.

let’s ignore the idiots And from the stupid, really”, the president of the Federation defended himself between laughs on Sunday. “It is a peak of two friends celebrating something … we are not for bullshit. Me, with everything I’ve been through, more bullshit and more assholes… no. let’s ignore it and Let’s enjoy the good and don’t even tell me things about losers who don’t know how to see the positive… It is a thing without evil. If there are fools, let them continue with their nonsense. There are more fools than windows. We are going to pay attention to those who are not stupid… It is something without evil and nonsense, if people want to waste time on it…”, explained the president of the Federation on Cadena Cope.

“If I think the same,” shouted Jauma Castaño, before Rubiales’ arguments. “Those who get angry is because they have never kissed them“, Manolo Lama said in the same program to the astonishment of the rest of the gatherings. The program, which was focused on the controversy, was one more example of how an act of harassment is laughable, taking away iron from a serious situation.

The leading role, to them

Rubiales, in his apology video, has asked the entire country to focus on celebrate with their footballers world got and leave the problem behind. “Lastly, I am sad that, in the greatest success in our history in women’s football and in general, this has somehow tarnished the celebration. We must give credit to these women, to the team led by Jorge Vilda and this must be celebrated in style,” she concluded.


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