Friday, December 8, 2023

Rubi, coach of Almería, announces that he is saying goodbye to the club’s bench

The coach of the AlmeriaJoan Francesc Ferrer ‘Ruby’announced after signing the permanence against Espanyol at the RCDE Stadium that will not continue as a technician of the club next season when he “closed” his cycle in the entity.

The Catalan, at a press conference, was “very grateful” and assessed his goodbye as follows: “We think that we have met all the objectives, permanence, promotion and revaluation of players. Something that fills us with pride is the sporting growth of the club. When we arrived it was very empty.

Rubi dedicated words of affection to the fans and the entity and noted thatand he chooses “this moment” since he does not want to “waste time for the club” and so I can start working. On the other hand, he urged those who do not know Almería to visit the city as it is “very beautiful” and with “very friendly” people.

Regarding the game, the coach confessed that he was still at “140 beats”. “We knew it was going to be a very tense match. and that he was going to see the best Espanyol. The rival has dignified the profession and I have doubts as to whether they have competed just as well on other pitches,” he reflected.

On the other hand, Rubi was convinced that the blue and whites will return to the top flight: “There are 365 days left for him to return to First Division. He has a squad and there is a coach for a while.”


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