Friday, June 2, 2023

Rubén Castro: “I no longer have any records”

Rubén Castro makes history one more day in Spanish football.

Rubén Castro makes history one more day in Spanish football.

Rubén Castro was able to smile twice this Sunday at the Ancho Carro stadium. On the pitch at Lugo he has scored the goal number 195 in the second category of Spanish footballso that it has surpassed Juan Francisco Martinez “Nino”, who stayed at 194 goals as the top scorer so far. “I no longer have any record left, but I am happy above all for the team’s victory”, he expressed.

Castro scored his first goal in this category back in 2022. It was when he was still a UD Las Palmas footballer. About this goal he added after the match: “I had this record in my head. I had it very close at the beginning of the year and I hoped to achieve it sooner.” He also thanked the fans for their support on a rainy day and such a long journey: “We cannot complain. With their help everything will be easier. They have supported us from the beginning to the end”. This has had an impact on the fact that the Malaguista squad has been able to momentarily reduce the disadvantage to two points “at this point” to continue “alive and in the fight”.


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