Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ronaldo’s goal, Al-Nasr won

At the end of his career, CRSeven is having a bittersweet time. Since joining Saudi club Al Nasr, he won one match, but stumbled in two matches. As a result, he is on the verge of finishing a season without a title. However, whenever he faces criticism, the Portuguese superstar responds with his on-field performance. Evidence of which was found last night. Al-Nasr got a big win at night with his skills.

Ronaldo entered the field on Friday (April 28). He won the match against the opponent Al-Raed. In this victory, Ronaldo’s team reduced the point gap with Al-Ittihad, who is at the top of the Pro League, to three. If Nasr has played one match more than Ittihad.

Ronaldo himself started the goal that day. After only 4 minutes of the match, he gave the team the lead. That goal ended the first half. Abdulrahman Garib doubled Al-Nasr’s lead in the second half. After that, Mohammed Maran and Abdulmazed Al Sulaihim scored the third and fourth goals to bring about the big victory.

However, Ronaldo’s unique football performance came at a time when the president who signed him to the club has resigned. At the same time, Al-Muammar also complained of feeling cheated by bringing the Portuguese star into the team. However, Al-Nasr rejected his allegations. “I have only been cheated twice in my life,” says the recently resigned Musaili al-Muammar. The first time I asked for three kebabs they gave me two, and the second was when I signed Cristiano Ronaldo for Al-Nasr.’

Ronaldo’s Al-Nasr will face Al-Ittihad on May 3 and Al-Khalij on May 8. The win or loss of that match will tell how Al Nasr will end the season.

29 April/ES


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