Friday, December 9, 2022

Ronaldo banned for two matches

Portugal has not yet qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo got the bad news before entering the field in their first match in the 22nd edition of the World Cup in Jersey. This star footballer was banned for two matches due to an old incident. But this punishment is not in international football.

Manchester United lost 1-0 against Everton in the English Premier League last season of club football. After losing, Ronaldo came under criticism for breaking a spectator’s phone. After leaving the field, before entering the tunnel, Ronaldo raised his hand and slapped something hard.

But there is one thing of relief, this penalty will not be applicable in World Cup matches. Because Ronaldo has been punished by the Football Association (FA). This penalty will actually be effective in club football. Which means, Ronaldo won’t be able to play the first two matches if he signs for a club.

The FA, the highest governing body of European football, said, ‘Ronaldo’s actions at the end of the match against Everton cannot be accepted in any way. Ronaldo himself has admitted that he made a mistake. So he was punished. Such actions in the future may increase the punishment.

(24 November/MM)

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