Friday, September 22, 2023

Ron DeSantis would ban TikTok if he becomes US president: “It’s a threat from China”

TikTok It remains in the eye of criticism in the United States: from the administration of Donald Trump, it was threatened to ban it for its link to China. Joe Biden has set limits and now presidential candidate Ron DeSantis confirmed that he would also go against the app.

The Republican, governor of Florida and candidate for the US presidency, told CNBC that TikTok “represents a threat to our country, given China’s ownership.”

“America has been the main source of Chinese wealth, and what have they done with that wealth? They have built their army. They are the number one threat to this country,” added Ron DeSantis.

Since the emergence of the TikTok social network, created by the Chinese company ByteDance, US administrations have shown their concern about the data handled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump threatened to ban TikTok, but he never complied with the action. While the United States Congress introduced bills, so that Joe Biden could make decisions against the short video app.

For Ron DeSantis, the projects of Congress are “too severe”, since they would “invade people’s privacy”, but that he would support a TikTok ban.

New York bans the use of TikTok on government devices

At the state level, decisions have also been made against the ByteDance app. This week it became known that the New York City banned the app on government-owned devices for security concerns.

In a statement, the administration of New York Mayor Eric Adams stated that “TikTok posed a security threat to the city’s technical networks.”

New York City Agencies, according to Reuters quote, must remove the ByteDance app within 30 days, and employees will lose access to both the app and its website on city-owned devices and networks.


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