Sunday, December 10, 2023

Rommel Pacheco sends a message of support to the swimming team: “They have my support”

The problems between the conade and the Mexican Swimming Federation It has severely affected the swimming team, since, due to the lack of resources, their participation in the next Pan American Games in Chile 2023 is put at risk, as well as in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

This problem is not alien to the now deputy Rommel Pachecowho in a conversation with the media sent a message of encouragement to his former colleagues to express his support.

“Much encouragement, don’t throw in the towel, there are difficult moments. I also had to be left out of my last Pan American Games and not because of level issues, I won the national one, for political issues and for something that is alien to me and alien to them, but that’s not why I threw in the towel, On the contrary, I focused on the World Cup and qualifying for the Olympic Games”, he mentioned.

“A lot of encouragement, from the beginning I offered them my support, I am here to support and support them, administrations come and go, but one as an athlete endures many administrations and sport, as in many other activities, the one who perseveres reaches and with discipline reaches the goals. results,” he added.

Along the same lines, the former Olympic athlete regretted that the lack of agreements between organizations directly affect athletes.

“There is a lack of will on the part of many parties, to seek the how yes and not the how not, regardless of who is right, what is the law of our country, as far as your jurisdiction as an international or national federation goes, as CONADEas Olympic committeeseeking that all parties coordinate and the athlete is not affected.

Besides, Rommel Pacheco He regretted that athletes do not have a voice or vote when a federation is chosen to take the reins of a sports organization, for which reason he considered that this position should be held by someone who knows the discipline and has a love for sport.

“When it comes to electing an association president, the athlete does not have a voice and vote and if in some cases the federation is good, well, but in many cases no, it is perpetuated, it is not transparent and the athlete is exposed to the decisions made by someone who has often not practiced the discipline, have no idea or passion for the sport, we must look for a profile who knows the discipline, a good administrator and who is passionate about this”.

Finally, the now deputy mentioned that the budget for sports should not be reduced, but quite the opposite, since it is an “investment” for Mexican society, because through sports different social health and crime problems can be avoided.

“The budget from 2013 to today has been reduced considerably from 17 thousand 500 million pesos to 2 thousand 400 million pesos. I believe that sport is not an expense, it is an investment because the money that you put into it does not challenge, it multiplies, it is much cheaper to prevent any health or insecurity issue with sport, ”he declared.


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