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Roma on their way to the final after defeating Leverkusen

Roma are one step into the final after winning 1-0 against German club Bayer Leverkusen in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League semi-final. The only goal that decided the victory in the match was scored by the team’s Italian star footballer Eduardo Bove.

As a result of this victory, the road to play the title-determining match became easier for the Italian club Roma. Roma will go directly to the final if they can prevent defeat in the second leg match to be held at the opponent’s field. On the other hand, the German club Bayer Leverkusen must win by at least two goals to reach the final.

The visiting Leverkusen dominated possession in the match held at the Stadio Olimpico. But the host Roma had more edge in attack. Leverkusen’s footballers kept the ball under their control for 62 percent of the entire match. And only two total shots were taken along the opponent’s goal. But did not see the goal.

On the other hand, Roma footballers managed to keep the ball for only 38 percent of the entire match. And Leverkusen managed to take a total of six shots on goal. This is a goal.

Leverkusen dominated the possession of the ball from the beginning of this match held at the Roma ground. However, despite being able to keep the ball under their control for a short time, Roma attacked one after another. This is how the first half of the game continued. But it was not until the break that the desired goal was seen.

20-year-old star Eduardo Bove scored the only winning goal in the 62nd minute of the match. Bove has emerged from Roma’s youth academy. In the end, the host Roma confirmed the victory by holding the lead.

(12 May/MM)


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