Monday, December 11, 2023

Roger Federer’s voice on your GPS: this is how you can have it in Waze

No one was expecting it, but we all appreciate it. Roger Federer can now be part of your daily trips. Thanks to the last version from Waze, Google’s navigation service offers you all the energy of one of the best tennis players in history on the speakerphone of your mobile or car. Not only will you be able to make sure you arrive safely at your destination, but you’ll also do so with the motivation you need to start your day at the office.

“It’s time to drive, I already feel the adrenaline,” says the voice of Roger Federer in one of the many recordings he has made for Waze. Thanks to the tennis player’s polyglot skills, you will be able to hear his voice in three different languages: French, English and German. Unfortunately, it is not in Spanish, and we do not know if Google plans to add it. Since this is an anecdotal feature, most likely not.

However, it marks one of the short-term goals that Waze has in mind. According to the team, very soon we will be able to see the arrival of more celebrities on the platform. Maybe we can wait for Rafael Nadal in the Spanish version of the app to level the balance?

As Google adds new celebrity voices to Waze, Amazon is doing the complete opposite. Previously you could use Alexa with the voices of the likes of Melissa McCarthy, Samual L. Jackson and Shaquille O’Neil for the cost of $5. However, earlier this week they announced that this function would be removed from the platform.

How to activate Roger Federer’s voice in Waze

Although it is not available in Spanish, you could take advantage of it if you like it and know how to speak one of the languages ​​mentioned above. If you are curious and want to leave your daily journeys in the hands of Roger Federer, so you can activate it from any of your devices with Waze.

  1. Open the Waze app on your mobile.
  2. Find the settings section.
  3. From here, go to the menu sound and voice.
  4. Now in the option waze voiceselect Roger Federer’s.

Ready. From this moment you will be guided by one of the best tennis players in all of history. The most fun thing is that it not only has the classic instructions, but also has its own unique phrases that will appear under certain circumstances. For example, if you go beyond the directions, you might hear Roger Federer tell you, “Turn around. Even champions can screw up.”

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