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Rodrygo doesn’t want to be ‘9’… but he frees himself with a ‘9’ goal: “I needed it”

It is not about doubting that Rodrygo loves Ancelotti very muchbut there is no way not to see in that phrase a public declaration of peace after, in the last international break, the Brazilian complained about his coach’s recent desire to field him as a center forward.

Rodrygo: “I don’t like playing as a 9”

“I have always made it clear that I have the ability to play on the wings. Simply, I don’t like playing ‘9’, although in my club I have to do it. Here, in the national team (Brazil), I can move around the entire field, which helps my game,” Rodrygo assured in his country, as if he believed that what he says there does not reach Madrid and the rest of the world.

It happens that Rodrygo, furthermore, was not in a position to complain much, since his start to the season had been (and still is) quite deficient in terms of scoring production. The one who scored in Braga has only been the second of the courseafter marking on the visit to Athletic of the first day of LaLiga.


Champions League | Braga – Real Madrid, in images

“I needed it,” Vinicius summarized, very happy for his “brother’s” goal. “We forwards are happy when we score. Rodrygo always plays well, but he needed this goal to gain confidence,” insisted the man who provided the assist for that goal that opened the white account in the 16th minute.

“I really wanted to score. I was in a moment of bad luck with the goal, I tried anyway and the goals didn’t come. I was having good games and today I didn’t play so well, but I scored“, acknowledged the boy, in a reading that Ancelotti endorsed, valuing his good work in previous matches despite not seeing the goal.

Rodrygo: “I love the coach very much”

“I want to thank the coach, who will surely see this interview later. He has given me confidence, he has motivated me and he has calmed me down,” the Brazilian forward acknowledged, before declaring his love: “I love him very much.”

UEFA Champions League – SC Braga vs Real Madrid. Hugo Delgado

It also happens, paradoxically, that the goal was the classic ‘9’ goal, that position that he dislikes so much. He appeared in the small area, anticipated his marker and took advantage of Vinicius’ low pass to score his 16th goal in the Champions League“a very special competition for me, as everyone knows.”

And despite making 42 Champions League games compared to 118 in LaLiga, the Brazilian has only scored one goal less in the continental competition than in the domestic competition. An idyll that seems to add Bellinghamscorer in the three Champions League games this season and who, according to Ancelotti, will be able to play the classic on Saturday without problemsdespite having to leave with discomfort just before the discount.


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