Saturday, September 30, 2023

Rodolfo Pizarro is Matías Almeyda’s wish at AEK Athens

Despite his bad step with the Miami Interthe future of Rodolfo Pizarro seems to be heading towards European football, precisely to Greece with the AEK Athens because Matias Almeyda It has raised interest in taking over the services of the Mexican.

The Mexican has already been informed that he is no longer in the plans of his MLS club, so he will have to move to tie up with a club for next season.

“It’s hard. I did not know, because I have a contract, that it was going to be able to be changed. It has already happened to many colleagues that one day they are there and the next day they are not, it is the only league in the world that does this. It is strange but they are the rules and you have to abide by them ”, expressed in an interview.

At 29 years old, Pizarro is valued at €3.5 million, And because he already knew how to get good potential with Chivas, Almeyda views Rodolfo’s arrival at his club very favorably.

AEK of Athens He has the mission of confirming his title in Greece next season and Matías will look to do it with a couple of Mexicans in attack.

It is expected that more information about this movement will be available in the next few hours.


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