Sunday, December 10, 2023

Rivalry with good vibes: this is how we live the Basque Derbi in San Sebastián

Thus, for more than a century, it has been forging a sports rivalry that also responds to that historical struggle between Biscayans and Gipuzkoansbetween industrial Bilbao and refined San Sebastián, between English influence and French airs… The most exciting period for Basque football came in the 1980s, when Real Sociedad won two consecutive league titles (1981 and 1982) and , just after, Athletic took another two (1983 and 1984).

A streak that will cost to be repeated, although both teams are getting used to moving in the upper part of LaLiga Santander, so the Basque Derbi held on Saturday the 14th came at a good time for the two clubs. Especially for Real Sociedad, consolidated in third position. Athletic was seventh in the standings, just two points behind fourth. In addition, a confirmation: Basque football has definitely forgotten about the ‘kick up’ to treat the ball exquisitely, thanks to the good work of the quarry that all the clubs are carrying out.

The happy smile of the Reale Arena

Perhaps because of that good moment, the atmosphere was especially festive and exciting, with concerts, activities and traditional sports around the Royal Arena for the whole day. Once again, the ‘txuri-urdin’ and ‘zurigorri’ fans mixed, something that will continue until the entrance to the stadium, which will set a record attendance: 38,342 spectators. That is, full to the brim.

That yes, that nobody is confused, although there is good vibes, this is the game that everyone wants to win and it shows as soon as the players come out to warm up. Just before the kickoff whistle, a mosaic with the blue and white colors and the ‘ikurriña’ transmits to the local players that the public is more than ever with them, while the hymn of the Royal Society sung a cappella It definitely electrifies the atmosphere.


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