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Review: NO knowledge, only smile….Jogira Sara Ra Ra makes you feel like an interesting comedy ride

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seen in a romantic character in his film Jogira Sara Ra Ra apart from the image. How successful is this new style of Nawaz in the film to woo the audience. Read this review to know..

Jogi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a resident of Bareilly, is an event planner. They are known for marriages as well as roka, corporate events of all kinds. Even though Jogi conducts marriages by roaming around the city, but seeing the events taking place in the marriage, Jogi has taken an oath that he will never marry in his life. Meanwhile, Jogi also gets the responsibility of Dimple’s (Neha Sharma) marriage. On the other hand, Dimple’s marriage is fixed with Lallu (Mimoh Chakraborty), who is doing a government job in the railways. At the same time, Dimple, who has been cheated in love, does not want to get married. As a result, Dimple asks Jogi to break the marriage by applying some tricks.

Jogi and Dimple are engaged in getting this marriage canceled by doing all kinds of tricks. Meanwhile, Dimple’s kidnapping takes place. The story takes a turn from there, when the pressure comes on Jogi to marry Dimple. Now here, what jugaad Jogi uses to break his marriage, this is the essence of the story. Will Jogi succeed in his intentions? Who does Dimple’s kidnapping? What is the secret behind Jogi’s vow not to marry? Head to the theaters to know all this.

After Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, Kushan Nandi has brought his second film Jogira Sara Ra with Nawaz. The tuning of Kushan and Nawaz is also clearly visible on the screen. The flavor of Small Town is clearly visible in the film. The biggest feature of the story is that no attempt has been made to impart any knowledge here, rather the situation has been made fun by giving it a flavor of comedy. There are many such scenes and oneliners, listening to which you will not be able to stop laughing at yourself. Especially a carrom scene comes, where Sanjay Mishra as Chacha Chowdhary identifies the tenants according to Colors, it has become fun.

Apart from this, when his sister starts making videos on Nawaz’s shouting and says that trolling will happen, she presents today’s current situation in a very funny way. The first half of the film is a bit slow, some scenes seem stretched. If the scissors of editing would have worked on it, then perhaps the film would have become more fun if it was crisp. With a twist in the second half, the film takes off at a pace and gives the feel of a great comedy ride. Overall, there is nothing new in the story but its writing makes it interesting. The credit for its writing goes to writer Ghalib Asad Bhopali, who has very well felt the pulse of the small town.

technical and music
The hard work that could be done to make a small town convincing has been seen in the film. Cinematographer Saurabh Waghmare has beautifully captured Bareilly on camera. Be it Jogi’s house or Chacha Chowdhary’s (Sanjay Mishra) abode, everything on the frame looks convincing. Since the film is a comedy, full care has been taken of the bright colors on its color tone, so that the film feels a light hearted flavor. If Virendra Gharse had worked a little more on the editing table, perhaps the film would have been more interesting. Music composer Tanishk Bagchi has fulfilled his responsibility with full dedication. The peppyness and today’s lingo have been taken care of in the songs. Especially the item song featuring Nikki Tamboli and Nawaz’s jugalmbadi sounds fun.

Seeing Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a Jogi in the film, it seemed that he has taken a huge risk as an actor that he has not only acted in it, he has looked so real. For example, he has delivered dialogues and lines by becoming Nawaz, not by getting into any character. Seeing Nawaz, who has always been known for intense characters, in such a comic situation can be a treat for the fans. On the other hand, Neha Sharma is in the role of Dimple. She has balanced the graph of the Smalltown girl very well.

Yes, in some places his acting seems a bit loud but he is forgiven for that much liberty. Mimoh Chakraborty’s work as Lallu was excellent. Mimoh’s physical hard work has also been seen for this role. After watching the film, you will be heartbroken over Mimoh’s innocence. Here Sanjay Mishra played it right, as if he has guaranteed that whenever he comes on screen, he will not leave without making the audience laugh. His work has been on top. Rohit Chowdhary’s work as a friend cannot be ignored. Inspector Vishwanath Chatterjee has done his work with full honesty. Overall the casting of the film was amazing, which seems to dissolve like candy in the story.

see why
This film can be given a chance for a clean entertainment drama. It is guaranteed that there will be many such moments in the film, where you will not be able to stop laughing yourself. This avatar of Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a treat for the fans who have always seen him in dark characters. Total Paisa Vasool is a film, can make plans for this weekend.


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