Friday, March 24, 2023

Results and standings after the Bahrain Grand Prix

‘Mad Max’ and Red Bull, who defend titles, started the season how they finished the previous one: with enormous authority. But it was the double world champion from Asturias, the oldest driver on the grid, who is facing his twentieth season in the premier class, who once again became the center of attention. Alonso did not miss his first opportunity with the car that has made the most progress between campaigns and signed his podium 99 in the F1one year and almost four months after the previous one: the one he had achieved in November 2021 by finishing third in the Qatar Grand Prix.

Verstappen, 25, signed his thirty-sixth victory in F1 and led a new double for the Austrian team along with ‘Checo’, 33, who saw his career jeopardized with a weak start, but who knows he is facing a new challenge exciting season and, for the moment, he celebrated his twenty-seventh podium in the division of honour. A ‘drawer’ that he achieved after relegating the fourth place to the other Spanish, Carlos Sainzwhose partner in Ferrarithe Monegasque charles leclerche retired with fifteen laps to go, running out of power when he was running third.

Alonso had surprised in the pre-season tests and continued to encourage his fans to trust in high goals by setting the best time in training on Friday. He confirmed that the aston martin is a good car with the fifth place on the grid that he achieved on Saturday; and this Sunday he once again showed that he is a true master when it comes to optimizing resources.

With brilliant overtaking on the track to the two Englishmen from Mercedes –George Russell and the seven-time world champion lewis hamilton– and his compatriot Sainz, the last obstacle on his way to the podium -the third he has climbed in eight years-, the brilliant Asturian pilot reconfirmed what some still find it difficult to assimilate: that he is, indisputably, one of the great figures in the entire history of Spanish sport.

Bahrain Grand Prix

Max Verstappen – 1:33:56.736

Sergio Perez – to 11,987

Fernando Alonso – to 38,637

Carlos Sainz – to 48,520

Lewis Hamilton – to 50,977

Lance Stroll – to 54,502

George Russell – to 55,873

Valtteri Bottas – at 1:12.647

Pierre Gasly – at 1:13.753

Alexander Albon – at 1:29.774

Drivers World Cup

Max Verstappen – 25 points

Sergio Perez – 18 points

Fernando Alonso – 15 points

Carlos Sainz – 12 points

Lewis Hamilton – 10 points

Lance Stroll – 8 points

George Russell – 6 points

Valtteri Bottas – 4 points

Pierre Gasly – 2 points

Alexander Albon – 1 point


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