Friday, September 22, 2023

Resounding victory for the Costa del Sol on their return to Carranque

Party in Carranque for the Costa del Sol Málaga, who was reunited this Wednesday with his fans. First joy of the season for the panthers, who easily beat Replasa Beti-Onak (25-15) in a game they ruled from start to finish. Two points to take the passage to the noble zone of the Iberdrola Warrior League and to leave with Good feelings for the Women’s Iberian Super Cup that takes place this weekend in San Sebastián. A short path to a title that is one of the peak moments of the course at the beginning of September.

Although the navarres They struck early with a 0-2 scoreline, and quickly greased the malagueñas. They stepped on the accelerator abruptly and with a blink the score read 7-3. Miguel Echeverría called for a time-out to close the bleeding, but a goal from Bárbara Piñeira stretched it to the maximum (12-4). The bolt was cast in defense and the attack flowed to raise the stands. Virginia Fernández stopped several seven meters and Merche Castellanos showed off with a couple of stops. At halftime, a bulky 13-7.

He took many steps forward backwards the set of Suso Gallardo, who would end up conceding 15 goals. There were rotations in the second half and Belén Jiménez and Bárbara Vela played their first game at home. The team from Málaga did not let go, as it had the mettle and solidity to withstand the arreones of Replasa Beti-Onak.

A fundamental victory to pick up morale before heading to Donosti. At dawn on Thursday the panthers take a plane to cross Spain in search of their eighth final. There, on Friday at 6:00 p.m., the Madeira Handebol awaits. The Iberian Women’s Super Cup, an illusion and a major challenge. A title to two parties. So close, so far from glory.


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