Thursday, March 30, 2023

Republican Senator DeSantis: Ukraine is not vital US national interest

U.S. Senator Ron DeSantis, emphasizing that the United States has many national interests, said, “It is not in the vital national interest of the United States to be more involved in the territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia.”

Republican Party Senator DeSantis evaluated the Russia-Ukraine war in a written statement to US-based Fox News Presenter Tucker Carlson. “While the United States has many vital national interests, such as securing our borders, resolving the crisis of readiness in our military, ensuring energy security and independence, and controlling the economic, cultural and military power of the Chinese Communist Party,” DeSantis said. “The territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not one of them. The Biden administration’s ‘blank check’ financing of this conflict, ‘for how long it takes’, without any defined goals or accountability, distracts our attention from our country’s most pressing challenges.”

“The US’s RISK OF ENTERING WAR” Stating that the aim should be peace, but weapons that could allow attacks beyond the Ukrainian border should not be given, DeSantis said, “Undoubtedly, the goal should be peace. The US may require the deployment of American troops or enable Ukraine to engage in offensive operations beyond its borders. F-16s and long-range missiles should therefore be off the table. These moves risk openly drawing the United States into the conflict and bringing us closer to a hot war between the world’s two largest nuclear powers. This risk is accepted. It cannot be done,” he said. ATTRACTED ATTENTION TO CHINA.

DeSantis stated that the policy implemented by the USA brought Russia even closer to China and said, “The policies of the Biden administration dragged Russia into a de facto alliance with China. Since China did not and would not comply with the embargo, Russia increased its foreign revenues, and China lost its fuel from cheaper fuel. benefited,” he said.


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