Friday, December 8, 2023

Reinaldo Navia criticized commentators for “inflating” Diego Lainez

Diego Lainez added his second assist since his arrival at the Tigresthe American youth squad player has shown an improvement in his level, coming from less to more in recent matches with the university team.

In this situation, many have been excited by what was shown at the start of the league by the Factor.

Even in the transmission of the game between tigers and Toluca, commentators spoke of Lainez’s improvement since his return from Europe. Although not everyone thought the level of the 22-year-old player was correct, since after his assistance, Reinaldo Navia, former player of America, reacted on his networks:

“Haha, how some commentators make me laugh, because Lainez gives a goal pass, they say that he is already adapting and that he is improving, hahaha, how with a little they enlarge the players.”

for now, Lainez has played 18 games since his return to Liga MX with the feline squad. His performances had been discreet, but it wasn’t until the playoff game where the selected one national appeared and collaborated directly on the scoreboard, giving a assistance to Sebastian Cordova.

After the vTigres win against Toluca 4-1 it’s very probable that Lainez signs up to start the second leg at the Estadio Némesio Diez.


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