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Refurbished mobiles resist the fall of new ones and grow 5% in 2022

He market of refurbished mobiles, repaired and guaranteed models, grew by 5% in 2022 compared to 2021 in the world, 18% in Latin Americain contrast to the setback experienced by shipments of new smartphones after the boom of the pandemic.

After living through a golden age during covid-19, with growths constant despite problems such as the semiconductor crisis, the sales of electronic devices fell during 2022, in the case of mobiles or cell phones by 11%, according to the consulting firm Canalys.

However, mobile shipments refurbished They increased that 5% and their growth could have been higher if it were not for the 17% drop in China due to restrictive policies due to the coronavirus, according to the consultancy Counterpoint,

At the opposite extreme, the India led the market with 19% growth, followed by Latin America with that 18%.

Counterpoint notes that levels of trust of users in refurbished mobiles “increased in all markets” thanks to companies improving their business model and their strategies of marketing, to which is added that more and more operators and large companies offer this option.

This market increasingly generates more confidence and offers more alternatives, the high prices of high-end make it impossible to maintain the level of renovation that existed before and the lack of technological evolution in the devices makes refurbished a growing option for a significant segment of the population.

the technological Manzana It once again positioned itself, for another year, as the absolute leader in the refurbished mobile phone market, after its sales grew 16% year-on-year in 2022, which allowed it to account for 49% of total shipments.

Apple is the fastest growing company in the used and refurbished sectors worldwide, due to the perception that users have of the brand, the high margins and the high inventory turnover ratios.

However, this popularity is affecting new iPhone sales and the company’s service revenue in many geographic areas, according to Counterpoint.

For his part, samsung It ranked second by number of shipments, with 26%, Vivo and Oppo obtained 3%, Huawei 2% and the rest of the companies jointly achieved the remaining 17%.


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