Saturday, January 28, 2023

‘Redfall’ shows its new gameplay and finally has a release date

The Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct has ended. During the eventboth companies have revealed a new trailer for redfallthe exclusive title for Xbox Series X | S and PC that comes from Arkane, the team responsible for Dishonored Y Prey. In addition to their trailer, they revealed a lot more information about the vampire-fighting title, including its release date.

Finally, we can tell you that redfall have a scheduled release date of May 2, 2023. From that day on, we will be able to enjoy the open world that it offers us, where we will have to fight against vampires and enemies of all kinds using skills in a frenetic game style that reminds us of classics like Left 4 Dead.

If you want to get hold of redfall, you can make the pre-purchase from today. On the other hand, it will also be available on day one through Xbox Game Passan option that will also allow you to play with exclusive content provided by the service.

youtube video

redfallthe new Xbox, lets us explore his world in a new trailer

During the 10 minutes of gameplay that shows us redfalltakes us into its playable proposal, showing us a bit of history behind the characters and enemies that we will find all over the map.

redfall gives you the option of embarking on an adventure completely alone, or do it with a group of up to four people. Thus, you will have to enter the sinister island and end the plague of vampires that has transformed it into a universe of terror.

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