Thursday, November 30, 2023

Reddit could block Google and limit access to its content

reddit is determined to prevent third parties from using its content to train artificial intelligence models. The company threatened to block search trackers from Google and Bing if generative AI companies don’t pay for data. If confirmed, the decision would have a considerable effect on your visits and advertising revenue.

According to a report from Washington Posta group of News organizations are negotiating with OpenAI to license their content. The most important newspapers do not want technology companies to train models like GPT-4 from their publications on the web. That is why they have closed free access through blockers and demand a fee for accessing the data.

In addition to media companies, the newspaper mentions that Reddit has met with generative AI companies to try to reach an agreement. The company is asking to be paid fairly and has threatened to block search trackers if it doesn’t get a favorable response. This means that Reddit would prevent links to discussions on your forums from appearing in Google and Bing results.

The move seems risky, although the company has no problem applying a radical measure. If we learned anything during the moderators’ protest, it is that Reddit will not fold its hands and will go to the ultimate consequences. A source close to the negotiations confided Reddit can survive without Google search.

Reddit would require you to log in with your account to access its forums

One of the solutions proposed to block content is to limit it to registered users. reddit would require you to log in to read any forum, a measure that X (Twitter) implemented temporarily in the middle of the year. Elon Musk said at the time that AI companies stole so much data that it affected the user experience.

Reddit’s strategy is not completely defined. A company spokesperson told The Verge that “nothing is changing”, although that does not guarantee that things will continue the same. The report mentions that if there is no agreement with artificial intelligence companies, links to subreddits will disappear from Google and Bing.

One of the sources assured that Reddit can survive without search engines. Steve Huffman, CEO of the technology company, doing everything possible to combat the scrapping by bots and AI tools. Proof of this is the adjustment to the prices of its API, which meant the end of third-party applications and a massive protest from its moderators.

Like other industry giants, Reddit’s main business is advertising. Closing the door to search engines would have a considerable impact on your future income. Even if Reddit can survive without Google, the question is for how long.

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