Saturday, December 9, 2023

Red Dragon Jr. aims for the Universal Championship, and for the Templario mask?

One of the wrestlers with a long history within the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre is Dragón Rojo Jr, who this Friday at the Lucha Libre Cathedral has a new challenge, as he will seek to defeat his great rival, Templario and Atlantis Jr to be the new Universal Champion.

“I have to be this coming Friday at the Arena México Anniversary, I am a little nervous, a little anxious, of course how happy and prepared to give a great match against great rivals that I hope my temperament does not fail me to face Templario, a well-known rivalry, I need to focus because winning that Universal Championship is a dream that I have, a desire, a pending goal to achieve, I have participated several times in those qualifiers where the Champions dispute that opportunity, so I am very ready for this Friday, studying my rivals but mainly developing the strengths of Dragón Rojo Jr”.

Dragón Rojo Jr has a clear objective, to finish off Templario, but he considers that Atlantis Jr will be a difficult opponent”.

And it is that he said that the youth that Atlantis Jr. has is an important factor, since he brings all the classic stack of a twenty-something-year-old boy, while an important factor is the winning blood of a fighter that he inherited from his father, who has He had many awards and that makes the fight difficult.

“Templario is a fighter who is rude and technical at the same time, who handles both schools perfectly and Dragón Rojo Jr is totally rude, I don’t see anything technical, that’s my strength, I have more experience, size, well there With Atlantis we are more or less on a par in height and weight, but the experience that Dragón Rojo has of 23 years as a professional wrestler and 15 years within the ranks of the Council I see as an advantage within this triangular ”.

Since my beginnings my worst rival has been injuries, since my first year of debut I had injuries, I arrived here at the CMLL with two surgeries and since my beginnings, it was a constant, but none have defeated me and I have been resilient, because I I am passionate about this sport, because I am passionate about being on top of a ring, the sensations that my body experiences since I am behind the scenes, fill me with emotion, I love what I do and I love being a fighter. I was born with the strength and fury of the Red Dragon Jr.”

He doesn’t take his finger off the line, he wants the Templar mask. And he thinks that the rivalries are what make the fighters transcend, make them be in the memory of the public.

Meanwhile, this Friday he goes for everything when the Universal Championship is played.


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