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Reasons why the cell phone charger gets hot and when it starts to be a danger

We all have several at home and we have had several at different times. On more than one occasion, we have felt how the charger of our cell phone can get hot, something that can represent a danger for different reasons.

Why is the charger getting hot? That is a question that we have asked ourselves more than once, but a little heat is normal in any USB device, be it a phone or tablet.

As a report published on the website of computer todaythe charger converts alternating current (AC) power from the home outlet into direct current (DC) for the smartphone and generates heat in the process.

To make the conversion from AC to DC, the charger uses an electrical component called a transformer. Transformers produce heat due to the process of conducting electricityInter alia.

When does the heat from the charger start to be a danger?

The more current a transformer provides, more heat will produce. But if the charger is hotter than normal, you might have a problem. Not to mention if it’s so hot that we can’t hold or touch it.

Temperature increases in chargers are caused by internal problems with the device or with the connection between the charger and the power outlet. It is best to disconnect them and look for a physical problem, such as dirt, obstruction in the pins, among others.


Try cleaning it and plugging it back in. If it’s still hot, try a different USB cable. If the heat is still high, it is best to use another charger, as it can present a greater danger, including fire.

In addition to sudden amount of heat that is new or unusualHere are some scenarios where a charger can become a fire hazard:

  • Visible signs of melting in the plastic of the charger or the charging cable.
  • An unusual odor coming from the charger, such as the smell of smoke or melted plastic.
  • Burn marks on the charger, the cord, or the outlet to which the charger is connected.
  • Fraying, cracks, or physical damage to the cord or charger.


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